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Anniversary Video Guestbook Kiosks

Wedding anniversary celebrations are times for sharing memories. Be it over 5, 10, 15, 25 or 50 years, you will have built up a store of funny, sad, happy or moving stories with each other, family and friends. The Guest Factor video kiosk helps you relive them all by inviting your guests to contribute video messages throughout the party. Of course, leaving your own message for your loved one of some of these memories can also add to a great collection of video memories.

Guests simply touch the screen to start the recording, telling stories and jokes, singing and reminiscing whenever they want. When they have finished recording they can push the stop button to end their recording, or simply leave the countdown timer to timeout, which stops the recording automatically. There is no limit to the number of times that guests can use the machine, so if they have lots to say, they have plenty of time to say it!

After your party, we'll pick up the kiosk and put your video messages on an online gallery that you can share with your friends. When you have viewed the messages, you can then choose to have all of the messages, or just a selection of messages on a presentation DVD for you to treasure for ever.

Extra DVDs can be ordered, for a small charge, allowing you to send some to friends and family that maybe couldn't be at your special day, or who just would enjoy reliving the night.