The Guest Factor - Video Guestbooks
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Customer Video Feedback Booth

The Guest Factor Video kiosk provides an ideal way of capturing your customers feedback via video.

Create easy to use, accessible on brand questionnaires/surveys delivering accurate, fast results and achieving a rapid return on investment. We can create personalised questionnaires, surveys and engagement solutions, your customers are able to provide you with feedback in a self-service environment where they will not feel pressurised or influenced by people and you do not incur the cost of staffing interviewers or the hassle and waste of paper based alternatives.

  • Easy to Use Questionnaires/Surveys capturing views and opinions
  • Large Fonts and Flexible Design - accessible for all ages and abilities
  • Easily Mobilised - the mobile nature of our touch screen kiosks makes them accessible in almost any environment anywhere in the UK.
  • Highly Secure Lock down Software
  • Video Capture using our video technology. An integrated HD Camera and microphone allows customers to express their opinions and thoughts. Use these video clips to promote and market your products or services.  You will be sent the clips via a private online web gallery for you to view and edit.  The clips can be uploaded to any Social Media, we can produce a personalised DVD.
  • Brand the kiosk with your company’s identity.  Use your company’s logo’s colours and add any messages to the body of the kiosk for identity purposes