Introducing The Guest Factor

We specialise in capturing those unique, unguarded moments of your wedding or party where your guests can record spontaneous video messages, sing songs and take photos for the entire duration of your wedding day and evening with no-one supervising.

The Guest Factor kiosk is free-standing and unintrusive allowing your guests to take control as they create their own personal and often hilarious video messages and songs and take photos as many times as they choose – whenever they choose.

After your wedding, relive those memories forever on USB!

24 hour hire included as standard

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No enclosed booth means more guests in the photo

Introducing the Guest Factor App

Many wedding guests today have a smartphone with a camera and are continually taking photos throughout your big day. Capturing fun, friendly, personal moments that you don't get to see.

The Guest Factor app allows your guests to upload their photos to a gallery that can be shared with all your guests and allows you to see the moments you miss. From the gallery you will be able to browse everyone's shared photos, as well as all footage from the kiosk, and freely download them. There is also a professional print service where you can order printed copies in many formats direct to your door.

The app is available for both iPhone from the App Store and Android from Google Play.

The Guest Factor App

A unique kiosk, unlimited fun

One booth... three options!

Why settle for 4 hours when you can have 24!


Photo Option

Unlimited Photos

  • Guests can strike a pose and capture great moments throughout your wedding
  • Unlimited photos, unlimited poses, unlimited fun!
  • Guests can preview themselves on screen
  • After the wedding, all photos are added to the web gallery for editing
  • All content sent out on USB for you to cherish forever

Video Messages

Unlimited Videos

  • Unattended – simple touchscreen for guests to operate in their own time whenever they choose
  • Guests can record unlimited video messages at any time during your wedding
  • The screen displays a preview window of what is being recorded – fun for guests to see their recordings as they happen
  • No delete button – You get to see everything afterwards

Video karaoke

Unlimited Songs

  • Create even more fun at your wedding by inviting your guests to sing a song
  • Guests can choose from over 700 songs including modern hits, all-time classics and wedding favourites
  • Keep the party going even after the disco has finished!
  • Guests sing along to the music as the words appear on screen
  • A preview window allows your guests to see themselves perform

Your questions answered

What areas do you cover?

We currently have franchises covering all of Scotland and most of England.

Why should I hire you over a traditional photobooth?

We offer a very different concept to a traditional photobooth. We provide slimline touch screen kiosks which take up very little room and are able to operate in any environment even in the tightest of venues - traditional photobooths need a lot of space.

Our service includes hire for the full duration of your wedding/party/function from the moment your guests arrive until the last one leaves, capturing the whole event - photobooths will generally be hired for just a few hours in the evening. Our kiosks take only a few minutes to set up and are built for self-service leaving your guests to use at their will, all day and all evening long. With no-one in attendance or behind the lens your guests will be much more at ease and are able to record videos or take photos at any point in a relaxed way. Photobooths can take up to an hour to set-up (and to dismantle) and will always have one or two people supervising. ...and with no booth, you can fit more guests in each photo!

How does it work?

The Guest Factor kiosks are operated by touchscreen. Your guests simply touch the service they want from take a photo, leave a video message, and sing a song and follow the on-screen instructions.

Everything is captured and saved and there are unlimited videos and photos so your guests can continue to record and snap away as often as they choose until the end of the night.

Can we choose which package we want?

Yes, you have options... The functions are Video Messages, Photos and Video Karaoke and you can hire any combination of the above or order the full package. We can even personalise the whole look of the kiosk!

What are the dimensions of the Video & Photo Guestbook Kiosk?

We have several different models of kiosk, but they are all slimline and take up a small amount of space compared with a traditional photobooth. They are typically 60 - 80 cm wide, 1.6m high and 50cm deep.

Where in my venue would you position the Video & Photo Guestbook?

Because it takes up very little space the kiosk can be located almost anywhere in your venue. All we need is a power socket close by. It can be positioned in the main room or in a lobby/reception area, a separate room or a corridor. We always seek to locate it somewhere prominent where it will be very accessible to all your guests. It can even operate in the darkest of environments - the built-in LED lights will deliver perfect results even in pitch black rooms.

How long can we hire you for?

Our standard hire is 24 hours - ensuring that the kiosk is available from your first guest arriving until the last one leaves.

How does the karaoke work?

Your guests choose a song from our library of over 2000 songs from throughout the decades and then sing along to the backing track as the words are displayed on screen. The video preview screen allows them to see what is being recorded.

How do you personalise the look of the kiosk?

A very popular option...
We personalise in two ways - on the body of the kiosk we add your names and a short message in any style or font and on the screen we can add a couple of photos of you along with your names and your choice of colour.

What is the picture quality like?

All our videos and karaoke songs are recorded in 1080p and all photos are a minimum of 10MP.

How do we receive the videos and photos?

After your wedding, you will be sent a link to an online viewing gallery and all the content will be sent to you on a Guest Factor USB stick.

How soon will our private online viewing gallery be available?

Usually within 48 hours everything is uploaded to your own private online web gallery. You will receive an email with a link and password where you are able to view everything. From here you are able to download any of the clips and photos. You can also forward the link and password to all the guests for them to relive all over again if you wish.

Is there a cost for delivery?

Delivery, setup and collection are included in the booking price.

How much deposit do we pay?

A deposit of £50 is required to reserve your date.


Want just the video guestbook? Prefer to offer the video guestbook and photo option? or want all three? It's your event, and it's your choice. Just let us know what options you want and we'll do the rest.

No matter the options you choose, the kiosk is available for your guests for the full during of your wedding. The base price is

£495 FOR 24 HOURS!

This includes delivery, setup, unlimited photos & videos, collection the following day, a web gallery and a USB with all the footage.

You can add karaoke for only £50. Simply make your choice below by ticking the appropriate boxes.

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Make sure you don't miss out by reserving your date today for only a £50 deposit. Your balance is due 6 weeks prior to your wedding...

..and remember, unlike a photo booth your hire is for the full duration of your wedding! 24 hours as standard.

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